John Clarke

With over 25 years experience in the Prosthetics and Orthotics industry, John is ready to be in a Community of Care that Cares for Community. 

Strong, decisive John enjoys the art of knife-making, the science of sound, Measured Intensity Training, roller skating and dreaming big. He deeply loves his family. He and his vivacious wife, Susan, have been together over 30 years. After a cancer journey in 2016, oldest son Samuel has recovered and is, so far, cancer free! Clever Katherine and quick-witted Thomas keep John on his toes, making him laugh and maybe contributing to a few gray hairs in his beard.

“Restoring Limbs, Restoring Lives. That is what my Sunshine Prosthetics Team desires to do. I manage a prosthetics company that cares for people by making artificial legs. Even in this first-world nation, many do not get prosthetic care. My heart is for finding patients who are health-challenged and neglected, who have been overlooked, and care for them. I want to teach others to do the same, with all of us acting as agents of hope, creating real results and changed lives.”

From Hingham, Massachusetts

  • 1986-1987 Attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa
  • 1989 Graduated with B. A. in Economics from Furman University in Greenville, SC
  • 1994 Completed Orthotics Certificate Program at Northwestern University Prosthetic-Orthotic Center in Chicago, IL
  • 1997 Completed Prosthetics Certificate Program at Northwestern University Prosthetic-Orthotic Center in Chicago, IL
  • Former state of Florida lower extremity specialist for NovaCare and Hanger


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By being a place of love, care and development that is unquenched until all people with limb deficiencies are cared for, we, like the sun, would warm the world of people needing prosthetics.