Tiffany Harders

Tiffany grew up on a farm outside of Wood River, Nebraska where her family still lives and works. Tiffany adores her sweet mom, Lisa, and her Mechanical Mastermind dad, Gary. Family Reunions are boisterous and lively when sister Kristen, brother Joshua and his wife Lindsey along with nieces Joslin and Olivia join the fray. Tiffany combines her love of horses and her joy in serving others as she volunteers at Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding Program most weekends. At first pursuing Physical Therapy, Tiffany found the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics and never looked back. Living and working in NC has given her the opportunity to meet amazing People of Peace and develop her skills and knowledge in P&O both here and abroad.
“We are blessed to live in a world where we experience Kairos moments or divine appointments everyday. These “God Winks” are His way of steering us to specific encounters or experiences and I’m lucky enough to work in a field where God actively steers me towards patients and other professionals in need. I embrace these moments. They influence me and the people around me so we are truly Restoring Limbs and Restoring Lives.”
From Wood River, Nebraska
  • 2013 Graduated from Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska
  • 2013 Mission Trip to El Salvador building homes
  • 2016 Graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Program
  • 2016 Mission Trip to Guatemala making prostheses and orthoses
  • 2018 completed Prosthetics, Orthotics residency in North Carolina
  • 2018 Mission Trip to Ivory Coast making prostheses
  • Volunteer at Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding Program in Raleigh, NC
  • 2019 ABC Certified Prosthetist Otrthotist


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By being a place of love, care and development that is unquenched until all people with limb deficiencies are cared for, we, like the sun, would warm the world of people needing prosthetics.