Our Sunshine Prosthetics ™️ NCOPE Residency Program is coming soon!

I’m John Clarke and I lead Sunshine Prosthetics ™️in NC. I love teaching. I have been an NCOPE Residency Mentor for more than 10 years and a Residency Director for six. I’ve been teaching and training Prosthetics and Orthotics for more than 20 years. Over 10 credentialed Prosthetists/Orthotists received their primary residency training from me. So with the challenges of a new business, am I going to stop teaching and training? NO. Sunshine Prosthetics ™️is not NCOPE certified yet, but we want to let you know we are on the way, just a few hurdles to jump over left. 😉 We anticipate having a resident in the fall of 2019. Sunshine Prosthetics ™️ Residency Program may be a new residency with a new company, but we are experts at this.