My Father sent me this. College debt pizza beer

I love it but…

We have created predatory lenders, to uninformed teenagers, to support unaccountable institutions charging irrational prices.

Let me explain

U.S. constitution article 1 section 8.4 (bankruptcy constitutional)

In 1976 and 2005 bankruptcy code was changed to make student loans inescapable even in bankruptcy. 

So now lenders Government and Private DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER a students ability to pay, or the value of their education to contribute to their ability to pay, or the ability of the school to successfully graduate those who begin their degree, or if the loan is going to pizza and beer or classes.

We may want to start reestablishing some sanity to the market for education by removing the protections for lenders, making public and easily accessible school graduation rates, job placement rates etc..

I ask every resident how much school debt they have because I need to know if they can succeed in our world.  $500,000 debt when they are talking to me about a residency position that starts at $35,000 is a problem there is no solution for and I will not hire them because there is no happy outcome 😳.

No way ever should the person I’m most thinking about been allowed to borrow that much money.

It is a new kind of enslavement to the Government.

Golden Wrench