Trinity Symphony System

The Trinity Symphony Trans-Femoral Socket takes control and comfort to new heights. Your muscles, bones and tendons, evaluated by a Trinity Specialist, inform the shape and fit, producing an intimate, flexible connection between your leg and the prosthetic socket. Some of our patients had been discouraged because nothing before let them walk comfortably. Others were frustrated by never feeling connected to their artificial leg. Some were angered by people who told them their leg was supposed to hurt. Many were saddened that friends and family see athletes and stars do everything when it is such a huge challenge for them to take even a few steps.

Because your body is the pattern, taking care of you is a cooperative process with our team. If you have been frustrated by quick deliveries that never follow through to comfortable achievement of your goals, we invite you to experience the Trinity Symphony System.

Please understand, you and your limb are the center of this experience. Because great care is taken to know your needs and your leg, the Trinity Symphony System looks very different for a 70 year old desiring to care for their grand kids versus an athlete desiring to drive their performance. The principles are the same, the results are custom for you.